Advice and Wishes Cards Wedding

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Weddings are not just a union of two hearts but a gathering of family and friends who come together to celebrate love. Advice and wishes cards for weddings have become a cherished way for guests to share their wisdom, love, and hopes with the newlyweds. These cards serve as timeless keepsakes that couples can look back on for years to come, reminiscing about the special day and the people who made it memorable.

advice and wishes cards wedding

Creating a space for advice and wishes at your wedding can be both fun and meaningful. It allows guests to feel like they’re contributing something personal and heartfelt to your journey together. Whether displayed on a vintage table or presented alongside the guest book, these cards can add an interactive element to your wedding that everyone will appreciate.

Designing Your Advice and Wishes Cards

When it comes to designing your advice and wishes cards, there are countless creative directions you can take. Some couples opt for cards that match their wedding theme, incorporating similar colors, fonts, and motifs. Others may choose more whimsical or humorous designs that reflect their personalities. The key is to create cards that invite guests to share openly and warmly.

Quality is also an important consideration. Selecting durable card stock ensures that these mementos withstand the test of time. You might also consider having a designated space on the card for guests to sign their names, making each piece of advice or wish even more personal and memorable.

Don’t forget about the presentation! How you display the advice and wishes cards can be just as impactful as the cards themselves. Consider a beautifully decorated box, a vintage suitcase, or even hanging them on a wish tree. The display should be easily accessible and inviting, encouraging every guest to leave a piece of their heart with you.

Lastly, think about the prompts you’ll provide on the cards. While some guests will have no trouble coming up with words of wisdom, others may appreciate a little guidance. Simple prompts like “I hope you always…” or “My advice for a happy marriage is…” can help get the thoughts flowing.

Incorporating Advice and Wishes into Your Wedding Day

Deciding when and where to incorporate the advice and wishes cards into your wedding day is crucial. You want to ensure that all guests have the opportunity to share their thoughts without feeling rushed. A common approach is to include them as part of the reception, perhaps on the tables as part of the centerpiece or near the entrance where they can be filled out upon arrival.

Another idea is to integrate the cards into the wedding ceremony itself. This can be done by having a moment where guests can come up and place their cards into a special box, symbolizing the collective support and guidance of your loved ones as you embark on your marital journey.

After the wedding, take the time to read through each card together. This can be a beautiful post-wedding ritual that allows you to reflect on the love and support of your community. It’s also the perfect way to kick off your marriage with wisdom and well-wishes at the forefront.

Remember, the advice and wishes cards are more than just paper and ink. They are a reflection of the love and hope that surrounds you on your wedding day, and they will continue to inspire and guide you throughout your marriage.

FAQ About Advice and Wishes Cards Wedding

What Should We Write on Our Advice and Wishes Cards?

Consider including prompts or questions to inspire your guests. Ask them for their best piece of marriage advice, a favorite memory, or what love means to them. This not only helps your guests but also ensures you receive meaningful and diverse responses.

How Many Advice and Wishes Cards Should We Have?

It’s a good idea to have more cards than guests, as some might wish to write more than one note. A safe estimate is to provide 1.5 cards per guest to ensure everyone has the chance to contribute.

Can We Customize Our Advice and Wishes Cards?

Absolutely! Customizing your cards to match your wedding theme or personal style adds a special touch. Many stationery providers offer customizable options, or you could even DIY if you’re feeling crafty!

What Do We Do With the Cards After the Wedding?

After the wedding, collect all the cards and store them in a keepsake box or album. You can read them on anniversaries or whenever you need a reminder of your loved ones’ support.

Are Advice and Wishes Cards a Replacement for a Guest Book?

Not necessarily. While they can serve a similar purpose, advice and wishes cards are more about sharing personal sentiments, whereas a guest book is typically just for signatures. You can have both if you like!


Advice and wishes cards are a beautiful addition to any wedding, providing a tangible reminder of the love and support from friends and family. They not only serve as a fun activity for guests but also as a lasting treasure for the couple. As you plan your wedding, consider how these cards can add depth and meaning to your special day.

Remember, each message penned on these cards carries the individual’s hopes and dreams for your union. Cherish them, learn from them, and let them guide you through the wonderful journey of marriage.